Ownership Of Actions



Lake District, UK


Iron Raft



In the short film ‘Ownership Of Actions’ we delve into the adventurous spirit of Ed Day, a cost consultant whose passion for the outdoors transcends his everyday life. Ed's pursuit of solo adventures, from scrambling and paragliding to climbing and packrafting, reveals a profound quest for freedom and a meticulous approach to risk management in the rugged landscapes he explores. Featuring Ed Day in his element and supported by shoot assistant Catherine Owen, with John Rogers enhancing the film's visual appeal as the colourist, we embarked on an intensive two-day filming period over a summer’s weekend. 

The journey commenced at Ed's residence, moving swiftly to the picturesque Lake District, where the essence of Ed's adventures was captured in quick succession. Blessed with ideal flying conditions, Ed demonstrated his paragliding skills twice in a single day, offering us a rare glimpse into his world. We utilised the Mavic 2 Pro to follow Ed from a safe distance while he soared with his paraglider, capturing his flight with breathtaking aerial perspectives.

Our objective was to illuminate Ed's perspective on risk mitigation across a spectrum of outdoor activities, including packrafting, climbing, paragliding, scrambling, and hiking.

Following an early start and a day filled with hiking, scrambling, and paragliding, we ascended to a mountain ridgeline to camp. Such outdoor productions necessitate flexibility, and although faced with unforeseen challenges like parking restrictions, our comprehensive planning from A to Z and the favourable weather enabled us to adapt seamlessly.

Through Ed's adventures, we capture the essence of freedom and the careful balance between embracing and mitigating risks in the pursuit of the extraordinary.

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