The Wild West of Scotland



Torridon, Scotland


Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports



‘The Wild West Of Scotland’ showcases the majestic Torridon through genuine friendship and the shared experiences of overcoming nature's hurdles, highlighting the beauty of outdoor exploration and the bonds it strengthens.

Venturing into Torridon, Scotland's untamed beauty, we spent two days hiking to capture the essence of a group of friends exploring the rugged terrain. Inspired by the Ellis Brigham blog, we aimed to document their authentic journey, letting their natural camaraderie unfold amidst breathtaking landscapes.

The challenge of battling midges and horseflies was inevitable, yet head nets proved to be our saving grace. As a refreshing end to our second day, I surprised the group with chilled Iron Bru from my camper, a gesture that was much appreciated. 

The project, detailed on Ellis Brigham’s blog, showcases our journey written from Andi’s, one of our hikers, point of view. 

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