Calm: Exploring Loch Shiel By Paddle Board



Loch Shiel, Scotland


Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports



In my short film ‘Calm’, the brief was simple, create a short film focusing on friends in the outdoors. After location research was complete, I aimed to capture the essence of friendship and adventure in the majestic setting of Loch Sheil. 

The film follows three friends navigating Loch Sheil, encapsulating moments of serenity and the challenges they face, from serene clearings to battling stormy weather. Against the dramatic Scottish Highlands, their story unfolds, revealing the resilience and camaraderie that blooms when you pair time in nature, and allowing yourself to get lost with little restriction on time. 

By utilising a canoe to accompany our stand-up paddleboarders, we could closely capture the action without endangering our camera gear. Our goal was to portray Loch Sheil's grandeur, contrasting its vastness with the paddleboarders to emphasise nature's imposing beauty. My assistant, Catherine Owen, played a crucial role, expertly navigating us to capture the desired shots amidst the loch's unpredictable weather. To highlight Loch Shiel's significance, I ventured underwater, using a Canon R5 in an Ikelite housing for unique angles, underlining the loch's central role in our narrative.

The project, detailed on Ellis Brigham’s blog "Exploring Loch Shiel by Paddleboard," showcases our journey written from Hannah’s, one of our paddle boarders, point of view. 

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