Adventure On The Isle Of Mull



Isle of Mull, Scotland


Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports



“With just his bike and a few camping essentials, Simon Pitman, manager of our Fort William store set out on a good-old-fashioned adventure, exploring the beautiful landscapes of the Isle of Mull…” - Ellis Brigham. 

Despite haven been mid November when this was filmed, we had stunning weather throughout. To say the least we were very lucky to not have to think too much on what the weather was doing. Filmed over 3 days with just myself, Simon and the whole of the Isle of Mull to explore this was an exciting project to work on. We had our rough route planned, kit packed and an F-Stop backpack with all the camera gear necessary; all that was left was to board the ferry from Oban early in the morning and head off on our bikes. 

To execute the filming of this I paired the Panasonic Lumix GH5 with the DJI Ronin S, to get smooth shots when cycling. For the aerial footage I used the DJI Mavic Pro 2, due to its small pack size it was the perfect fit for this project. 

To charge batteries and to ensure that power wasn’t something to worry about whilst on the island, I bought the Goal Zero Sherpa with me. Not only is it great at charging phones, but I was also able to charge all my camera batteries and wrist watch with this. Despite its weight, I will be sure to bring it again on projects alike; it’s a great feeling knowing power isn’t something you have to add to the list of things to likely go wrong.  An additional piece of kit I thought I’d mention is the Lacie DJI Co-Pilot hard drive. This is a portable 1TB hard drive that runs on its own power source internally, and automatically backs up from SD cards and SSDs when connected. I thought this would be a nice addition to knowing that your footage is all backed up, instead of using up additional SD cards in the GH5, duel recording to each. 

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