You don't know what you have until it's gone.

When I moved out here I always knew in the back of my mind that it wouldn’t be permanent; part of me wishes it was. I moved here to get away from Cambridge for a bit, to catch up with my personal work: editing images, sending emails and working on personal projects, and of course to surf to my hearts desire. 

One month, two weeks and one day since I left the U.K. Since then I have caught up with my work to a degree which I think is suitable to help me chase this creative career I aim for. 

I have of course not only worked and surfed though. Building a coffee table from reclaimed wood, beach walks, participating in yoga classes, gardening, learning to play the harmonica and camping are a few extra bits I have got up to. I have admittedly watched Netflix a lot; although I am proud to say I have watched (and learnt from) many documentaries which I have seen whilst being here! 

The point that I am trying to get at is that sadly I believe I know the date that I will be returning to the U.K for a while (around late May), and it has made me realise that I really need to take all the opportunities that I have here; these are the memories that I will remember. 

I know the rough date, mainly down to my van EU insurance, which, I only have 90 days of a year. Stupid I know right?! I do understand it though, my age, number of years driving and years no claims are the reason I can’t get more easily. I’ve researched many different options in attempt to extend my cover, from pleading to my van insurer to attempting to take out part time cover with another company, nothing has worked. The only quote I found was for 28 days, which would cost £450 with £1000 excess (no thank you!). I even thought of looking at other modes of transport, a small 50cc bike for example. The issue with this though was the difficulty of getting cover on a French registered vehicle, not even to mention the insurance, road tax and the possibility of an MOT being needed. Either way, getting a mode of transport out here is only one of the factors of me moving back, the other main one being (you guessed it) money! 

When I came out here I saved as much as I could so that I could support myself for some time before running out. I could potentially stay here until mid July if I wanted to, but with other trips and adventures I want to go on this year I have to head back to earn money and have decided to save my last month of EU cover (I will explain more in the next few months about this exciting trip!).

So my plan; move my van back to Cambridge in early April, catch a flight back to France after a week at home, hitchhike back to the island, whilst back hitchhike to the shops for food, go surfing, photograph cool things, blog about the random stuff I do, explore, have an awesome time and then in late May hitchhike back to Le Hairve (ferry terminal back to Portsmouth) with the rest of my things including my surfboard, catch a ferry and make my way back to Cambridge to work through June and July. Sounds fun hey! 

Through looking to the next few months and planning roughly what I will be doing I have learn’t and hope to remember this saying more; You don’t know what you have until it's gone. Makes me want to get up earlier, work harder and take the opportunities that I have open to me here every day.