Day 1, Cambridge to Coventry –


Our very rough route, kindly planned by Cath, included the first stop being in Coventry visiting a friend of ours, Katie. With the dilemma of the tires arriving many days late, Katie had been expecting us every day from the first day that we had planned to leave; it probably seemed to her that we were putting off seeing her!

Even though we were on the road 3 days late, we were still leaving which was an achievement. Cath and I split the drive up there as it was easier that way and meant that we both had time to do some work, edit and relax.  Luckily the only issue with the van and the journey was that the CD player in my van didn’t work; this may seem like a small issue but a road trip with no music is just unacceptable in my eyes. We had the radio to accompany us but there were very few songs which were actually enjoyable to listen to. At one point, we even had the torturous sounds of Justin Beiber hit our ears, luckily this didn’t last long as I turned the radio off as quickly as I possibly could.

I think it was near around 8:00pm when we arrived at Katie’s house. The evening was followed by dinner and a long game of Travel Scrabble which Cath had found in her bag that she got second hand. Admittedly I really do love playing Scrabble but at the small board and letters we were playing at it was interesting to say the least. Whilst playing I was using the internet to look up the cheapest in car CD player I could find – having your own choice in music when driving is a key I think when on a Road Trip.

As the time went on I was loosing dreadfully at Scrabble; whilst Katie’s and Cath’s lowest scores were 12, that was my highest, I thought I was doing well until I had a look at the scoring… Even with my low scores my hopes were high as I had found a relatively cheap car Radio from Argos for £30. At around 11:30 we decided to head to bed. Even though it was the first night of our Road Trip we didn’t actually stay in the van, as we got offered to stay in the house we thought we would take the opportunity to have one more comfortable nights sleep before heading into the un-bedded van!