Day 2, Coventry to Robin Hoods Bay, Yorkshire –

Day 2 of our road trip involved us all getting up before Katie’s Mum arrived to take her out for a meal. As Katie is a UNI student both Cath and I understood why she was very eager to get out – most likely because she wanted to eat something else besides cheap pasta and Uncle Bens Rice.

So we all got up for 8am to meet and greet her Mum. Whilst talking to her she was entertained by the fact that we were sleeping in, and I quote, “that thing outside” – as if sleeping in a white panel van is odd! We chatted on for a little while longer whilst all of our stomachs rumbled as Katie had run out of food to give us for breakfast. We soon left, and as Katie went on her way to go for a meal, Cath and I went off to try and find an Argos where we could buy a car stereo.

It luckily only took us a few wrong turns and Google Maps to help us find the store to answer our music problems. £30 along the line we were very happy customers with our brand new radio. Now, the only hurdle was to fit the damned thing.

Step 1: Ensure ignition is off.

Step 2: Remove the negative node from the car battery.

These are of course the instructions that came with the Radio – “no problem I said as I lifted the car bonnet”… 10 minutes of struggling and we still couldn’t remove it.

As tension grew between Cath and I as we tried to remove it, we both realized we were getting ‘hangry’ (the feeling that you get when you are angry because you are hungry) – with this realization we headed down the road to a shopping centre to grab some breakfast.

Whilst on the way I spotted a Halfords, so turned in to see what they had to help us fit the Radio. I left with a radio antenna convertor (helpful) and the advice that I should get a new radio (not so helpful). Whilst Cath headed in to buy some breakfast I gave in and just fitted the radio whilst avoiding getting electrocuted by being very careful with the leads. Job done; food had been bought and we had a working CD player.

After 3 hours of driving we were nearly in Yorkshire. With no definite plans of where we were going to stay (or even where we were actually heading) it occurred to us that it might be nice to stay in a campsite instead of up a hill for the next few nights. With my laptop in hand I researched possible campsites we could stay in. I found one which looked very nice around 5 minutes from a place on the coast called Robin Hoods Bay. As we wanted to save as much money as possible I phoned them up and asked if I could exchange some of my photography of their campsite for the use of their facilities for a couple of nights; to my surprise they were actually interested! With that great news we continued through the winding roads of Yorkshire to our now known destination.

Later on we arrived at our campsite and met a lovely lady, named Jill, who we spoke to on the phone. I showed her some of my work, she approved and she then led us to our pitch. After unpacking our tent and sorting out our van a little we explored the bay and the surrounding area. From then on it was a relaxing evening which involved us cooking our dinner, meeting our neighbors (who had a very loud radio on spurting out the Sports News) and then heading to bed. As I listened to the unwanted sports commentary I was very happy with the day as I knew we had good music for the rest of the trip.