Day 15, Skye (13th August)

The feeling of waking up to beautiful bird song is a magic one, the warmth of being reenergized and ready for the day is something quite spectacular. Day 15 of our Road Trip was nothing like this at all. Being woken up to the sound and feeling of a large lorry driving past the van wakes you up alright, but unfortunately with the thought that you think you have wet yourself from being scared – I like to call this emotion “nearly shitting your pants”. If this wasn’t enough to wake up to, stepping out of the van held another surprise. However lovely to wake up to no rain, it really isn’t a pleasing experience stepping out the back of the van and landing in a muddy puddle. So here I was, day 15, in the middle of Skye, standing in a puddle with the worlds worst bed hair, looking as if I had been sleeping in a bush… Although saying all of this I was glad of one thing; not being robbed in the night and still being alive.

A bowl of cereal later and we were on our way to Isle of Skye’s fairy pools. The Fairy Pools in Skye are a chain of crystal clear waterfalls and pools that are all linked together through a river. With high winds, rain and freezing cold water (now thinking about it I really don’t know why) but Cath and I decided to go for a swim - after a couple of days with no shower it may have been that which made us warm to the idea of going in.

The tourists that saw us were definitely shocked. “So there I was walking through the beautiful Skye mountains following many other people in a tourist group admiring the beautiful views that the Fairy Pools had to offer. When out of know where came along two crazy half naked people swimming in the pools! One looked like a drowning red squirrel whilst the other looked like a drenched sloth!” As many tourists walked by they had to take a second look at us – those who didn’t went on whilst the others stood and watched us – we had a little audience! 15 minutes of freezing later and it turned out that we had attracted other people to go for a dip too – one of which was Finish (I think), after exchanging words on how bloody cold the water was he rumbled in his bag and pulled out a hip flask. After swigging one large gulp down he then offered me some explaining that it was from the Island and was 15 years old; I didn’t catch what spirit it was but that following evening I swear I could still taste it.

After saying goodbye to our Finish friend we ourselves went on back to the van to dry off and change into warmer clothes. In the time following this we hit the road in search for a café to grab a drink, edit (and write this) and most importantly to charge our gear. We just about managed to find a little coffee shop of the road near Broadford (the South East of Skye). We arrived around 3 o’clock, ordered some coffees (and a salmon bagel – I just really fancied one!) and used all the plug sockets that were on offer to us. In between editing photographs and replying to emails Cath and I talked about what we were going to eat tonight and where exactly we were going to sleep.

3 hours on and the women behind the till was starting to close up – it was getting near 6 and we were the only ones in so we thought we would leave before she may have got annoyed that we only bought £2 coffees and one bagel, and had used a lot of electricity. As we packed up she noticed we were leaving and asked if we would like the bread in the baskets near the till; “It only just gets thrown away at the end of the day any way” she explained. We obviously said yes – I am a big fan of anything (I mean ANYTHING) that is free. Whilst sorting out the bread she chucked in the last two chocolate muffins, two croissants and the remaining sandwich in the fridge as well. With big smiles on both of our faces we thanked her profusely for all the food and left. 

Whilst the sun started to set we went on to our next unknown destination. Driving down a side road of a side road we then luckily found a beautiful secluded spot sheltered by some large boulders where we spent the night. With no phone signal and unfortunately no wind to keep the midges of us we sat and enjoyed the wonderful surrounding scenery until it got dark and we decided to head to bed.