Day 10, Loch Ness (8th August)

It had been 10 days since we left to head on our road trip and we had luckily survived the night’s sleep with only two occasions when the tent collapsed due to the wind. Unfortunately for me, I was the only one to wake up on these occasions so I had to prop the poles back up at ridiculous times in the morning.

When the morning sun came around Cath woke up with tonnes of energy, whilst I on the other hand felt like a zombie - nothing that a cup of coffee couldn’t sort out though, so all was good! So the plan for today? – well, do what we had been doing for the rest of the trip – anything that we wanted. As this was the only full day that we had in Loch Ness we agreed that we wanted to go down to the Loch and see it in its full glory (and try to spot Nessie of course).

After a look round one of the local villages we went down a forest path which we first believed would lead us to the Loch… One hour later - nothing. It turned out that we were actually walking to a river in the complete opposite direction from the Loch; you may be thinking “what fools can’t read a map”, but in our defense the map that the walk provided was very poor quality! When this realization came to us we turned around and headed back to the van to see if there was another route to the Loch. Once again it was my phone which saved us; Google Maps provided us with the answer – a park up back at the campsite, walk along the road, through some fields and a small section of wood and BOOM, we were there.

With both of us happy that we made it to the Loch we were happier still when we found that the place we were at was disserted and had a beautiful wooden mooring platform which was perfect for taking photos on. During our little photoshoot (after a tasty lunch made by Cath of course… I am not very good at making food see) Cath noticed a boat which appeared to have crashed into the rocks not too far from where we were – this was of course our next adventure for the day.

A walk through an entangling forest and a brief moment where Cath nearly lost her walking boots in mud, we found the crashed boat. It looked as if it had been there for a number of years; with a broken boom, a flooded cabin and faded paint I wouldn’t be surprised if it was from a disaster movie!

The evening was then followed by another of Cath’s tasty meals, hot showers and then of course the usual being terribly scared when going to sleep, because of the fear about your tent flying away in yet again, horribly strong winds!