Day 5-8 Kirknewton, Northumberland

For these next few days I have decided to merge them all into one entry of this blog. The reason for this is that from the 3rd to the 7th August we stayed in Northumberland with my Mum and my sister. The days consisted of exploring different paths we hadn’t adventured down before, visiting the local towns and in general just relaxing. I could go through every day and explain each and every little detail of what we did, but I think that would be just a little bit boring, so these following paragraphs contain the most vivid memories from the few days in beautiful Northumberland.

One of my most memorable moments over the last few days was watching as Tommy (one of our dogs) nearly ‘topping off’ a children’s sand castle with one of his homemade castle decorations, but I will tell this story a little later on as I have a few other amusing and memorable moments which occurred before this. One of which does actually include Tommy…

After a great nights sleep in probably the comfiest bed I have ever stayed in, I stumbled down the stairs to talk to my Mum who was outside reading her book with a cup of tea, whilst every nown again looking up to see the birds (as per usual). I grabbed my cereal and sat outside with her whilst occasionally throwing the ball for the dogs. After a while like usual Tommy (the older dog out of the two) would get tired and when he next got the ball he would decide to do his usual ‘victory lap’ around the garden with his head held high because he was proud he had caught the ball. In the mean time whilst Tommy was parading around, Ru (the younger one) just sat there with his tongue hanging out cooling off from the chase of throwing the ball around. With it being summer and in Northumberland, the midges were out – which none of us liked, not even the dogs. While my mum and I pulled our sleeves down to at least stop our arms from being eaten alive, the dogs had another technique – to eat them. Whilst Tommy sat down and just occasionally snapped at a few flies going past, Ru decided to run after them snapping as they tried to fly away. 

So, back to the beginning story with Tommy being a pain and nearly ruining a child’s

 day. We, that is Cath and I, were on Bamburgh beach with the two dogs whilst my mum and my sister were on a boat trip looking for puffins. We both decided that it would be nice to take the dogs for a walk along the beach. As usual I took my camera equipment so I could see what I could get, whilst I was setting up my things, Cath was throwing the ball for the dogs. 15 minutes on Tommy was getting tired so decided to go for a little walk rest  – so it had seemed. When Cath turned around, it appeared that Tommy had made his way to a sand empire that a child had made, instead of just admiring the great work, he then decided that he didn’t like it how it was, and chose instead to improve it with his poo on top. By the time he was about to unleash his décor Cath had made her way with a panicked run towards him to grab him away just in time. When Cath had brought him back we looked around to see if there was anyone looking at us in horror, to our luck the only people that saw were a family a little while away – we still hope to this day that it wasn’t theres.