Day 4, Robin Hoods Bay, Yorkshire to Kirknewton, Northumberland –

The morning in which we left our first campsite was on Day 4 of our trip. In an odd way it was saddening to leave; the stunning views both mornings and the kind people made it feel as if we had been there for much longer than we actually had. Despite saying this it was just the right amount of time to leave the small bit of haven, due to the amount of exploring we had done in the previous days – we felt as if we knew the area well by now.

Just before heading off on the road towards Northumberland we said goodbye to Jess and her owners, and passed over the photos which I had edited during breakfast to the campsite owner, Jill. It must have been around 11 when we left he campsite to head on our way.

The place we were heading to was in Northumberland’s National Park - my Mum has been staying there for a number of years now every so often in school holidays. She usually rents a Cottage in the College Valley for a week or so; with lack of signal, no WIFI and the smallest TV imaginable (this is where you expect me to say “it feels like hell”) it is actually one of my favorite places to go away. The lack of Social Media, any kind of News and no TV to get drawn into, makes it an amazing place to just get away from it all, whether it be work or alike.

When we arrived at Kirknewton (the entrance to the most tranquil valley ever), within the 20 minute drive down the valley from there to the cottage, we were surprised at how many people we saw. I mean during the whole 20-minute drive there were at least 10 people – this may not appear many, but when we usually book and go in October time we see no one nearly through the whole week! I suppose we had never been in Summer before, so it was bound to be a bigger attraction when the sun is shining – not that it was!