Day 3, Robin Hoods Bay –

4:45am - my alarms ring, and the battle to turn on the ‘snooze’ button begins. Even though I did want to get up at that time I failed to and slept in for another few hours. You may be asking yourself why on Earth would I get up that early – well it’s because I wanted to try and capture the sunrise coming over the horizon; I failed miserably at this.

I think it was near 9 o’clock when I surfaced from my deep sleep. The sun was beating down on us heating the tent up like an oven; it was time to get up. As climbing out of the tent I was greeted with the pleasing site of our sports news neighbors packing up to head home; yay! No more unwanted golf news! As our neighbors departed we sat down to eat some very tasty (I’m being sarcastic) UHT milk with our granola cereal. After showers and just general getting ready I set off around the campsite to get the photographs that we could exchange for our stay. When coming back we decided to go around the coast to a town called Ravenscar. We chose this place as we could view it from our campsite whilst having our breakfast - it just looked as if it would be nice to go for a walk.

We had a look around for free parking (being on the tight budget that we’re on) and managed to find a picturesque parking space on the side of the road. As we stepped out the van a very excited man told us about this trail that led him to some seals basking on the rocks at the end. He showed us a collection of his pictures – we were sold. As Cath hadn’t ever seen seals in the wild before she was very ecstatic for going down. With our packed day bags we headed past the RSPB visitors center, down a dust path and through a golf course. Walking over a small mound we could see the winding path which would lead us to the seals. To our disappointment the tide had come in, meaning that the seals had gone out. Cath then chose to sit on the edge of the cliff watching the North Coast of Yorkshire, mixed with me sitting down with her and taking some pictures of the scenery it was a relaxing way to end the afternoon.

After walking back we drove back to the campsite with a stop off to get some food from the neighboring town of Whitby. One thing that we found was useful and fun, was that on abandoned roads which had at least some decline we would turn the engine off, and then just roll down. I don’t know if it did save any fuel but it’s nice to think we saved a few pennys!

On arrival to our campsite we spotted that we had new neighbors in space of where our old ‘radio’ friends were in the morning. As driving down the track to our spot we noticed that they owned a dog; a very playful and young one as it seemed. Whilst getting out of the car we were amused by the fact that she seemed to get distracted very easily; first by her lead which she resumed to try and play with, then secondly by rolling around on the grass and finally by the wind, this was the point she started to try and eat the passing air! From talking to the owners, who were a couple from York, we found out that the dogs name was Jess and she was only 1 year old, which explained why she must have gotten distracted by anything and everything that moved.

The evening was followed by a tasty hot meal which contained spaghetti with an array of vegetables and meatballs lovingly cooked by Cath. I was hoping earlier in the day that when the sun set the sky would be clear enough to see the stars, but sadly for us the clouds had swept in meaning no stars for us. Due to the lack of stargazing and no neighbors to talk to as they headed down to the local pub, we decided to head to bed to get refreshed for the drive to Northumberland the following day.