Day 22, Towyn (20th August)

Day 22 - to do list; find great bargains, win money (yes I said money!) and have a great day with the Grandparents.

We both woke up after having yet another night with a proper bed - this was truly lush, I mean compared to the freezing cold floor of a van it felt like a 5 star hotel even though the beds were smaller than the width of my shoulders. My Grandma woke up earlier than us and was so kind to make us egg and soldiers - the best breakfast ever!

Followed by a few hours of photo editing I brought up the idea that we should all go and play cash bingo. Now I bet that you are thinking ‘wow this guy is suuuuch an old man’ - well you are welcome to think this, but when I was younger, during the time that myself and my siblings went away to the caravan we all loved going to the prize bingo area in the arcades; there was something exhilarating about winning tickets to exchange for little bits and bobs. Any way, back to the cash bingo story… Both Grandparents and Cath were up for it,  therefore we embarked on our bingo mission towards Rhyl.

“BINGOOO!” an old man in a wheelchair yelled, you would think by the emotionless expression on his face that he had just told everyone that someone had died instead of just winning over £200… We had arrived at a very large bingo hall, equipped with everything you need; a bar, a bingo caller and a crowd of oddly smelling old people (apart from you grandad and grandma, you smell great!). We had purchased bingo cards and a drink each and we were ready to play!

With numbers being called far too fast for Cath and I to keep up with we completely fell at the first game. This occurred a few more times until our 4th card - it was a full house meaning that we were looking for all the numbers to win £100. It was quiet as everyone dabbed their cards with their markers. 5 minutes in and Cath said to herself under her breath ‘I think I won?’, to the shock of both of us my grandma grabbed Cath’s hand and yelled ridiculously loud “BINGOOOOOOO OVER HERE!” - I think everyone nearly had a heart attack, on the upside though Cath had won!

This wasn’t the only win of the day, after leaving we walked into the town centre to get some lunch. My Grandparents know how much I love my deals and finding free things, so they took us to a bakery called ‘The £1 bakery’ - as stated in the name everything was £1. I was in heaven, from chocolate brownie to cornish pasties there was so much to chose from! (I get very happy and excited when I find cheap food or great deals ok?… I’m not odd). With the day nearly over we went back to the caravan, relaxed, had some bangers and mash then head to bed. This wasn’t the typical ‘Road Trip/adventurer kind of day’ but it was one that was full of doing fun things; good enough for me!