Day 21, Manchester to Towyn (19th August)

With minds clear from yesterday’s worries this morning was incredibly more enjoyable. Today we would leave to continue our journey down south towards Cornwall.  Our next stop - my Grandparent’s caravan in Towyn, North Wales.

The weather was a little gloomy with patches of light rain every 20 minutes or so - this was no issue as we weren’t going outside much today. Something that I realised with the transition of moving from sleeping in a van to a house with a proper bed was the little things that one has to do in a day - from getting changed to showering, life was obviously so much easier in a house with proper facilities to do so and more space etc. When I had a think about how easy it was to do these things it really makes you appreciate the little things like much more. It sounds a bit silly if you haven’t experienced something like living in a confined space, but imagine this - it’s raining like no tomorrow and you want to go to the loo BUT you currently live in a van. You don’t want to pee in a container  because it may spill so the only option you have is to go outside (I forgot to mention that you are in the middle of nowhere so you can’t go in a public loo!). In a normal house you could just get up and walk to the loo without fighting with the torrential rain, but when living in a van you have to put your waterproofs on, go outside, and pee the direction the wind is going as if you don’t - well, you get your own piss all over you. Now a number of you are probably thinking ‘well don’t live in a van then you mug’ - in response I would say ‘brilliant point good sir’, but one thing that I have learnt through living in a van is to learn to appreciate what you have. You may be able to learn this lesson through another method rather than risking peeing all over yourself but this turns out to be the way that I am learning it and it seems to be working…  

Hitting the road after lunch, consisting of simple but tasty ham sandwiches, we managed to miss a lot of the traffic. We arrived at the caravan site to find that my Grandparents weren’t there - turns out that they were ay the horse-races… I forgot to actually tell them what time we would be arriving so this is totally my fault. Any way, we decided that we would leave the van outside the caravan and skateboard into the centre of the seaside town to look around the shops.

We got back and my Grandparents arrived just as we did. During the evening we bought fish and chips from the local chippy and walked down to the game arcades. I found it really interesting how the whole place had changed - these arcades were where I spent my childhood when I was at the caravan, running around playing on the 2p machines being eager to win the next toy that would fall off. The view that I had as a child to win the tackiest toy from these machines is something that I sadly no longer own. I looked at the 2p machines with no interest what so ever; no matter how much you believe that you will never grow up as a child, these views are sadly always wrong…. Despite saying this one thing that I have maintained as a child from those days (as well as my weirdness and curiosity) is that I still love to have biscuits and a glass of milk before going to sleep at the caravan!