Day 20, Manchester (18th August)


This day was no normal day, it was the most dreaded day of the year. With worried minds neither of us slept very well. Waking up at 4:30am Cath was eager to see her results - myself on the other hand I just wanted to sleep, I was ignoring the fact that three results were sitting in my email inbox waiting for me to open them. Cath tried and tried again but had no luck getting into her results page to see if she had been accepted into her chosen University - Bangor, North Wales.

After worrying for 2 hours and trying every five minutes to get into her email Cath finally broke through and opened the email… Whilst this was all going on I was in bed watching videos on YouTube like the supportive boyfriend I am… Just joking I did try and help calm her down!

With Cath’s well dissevered successful results she was ecstatic to get into Bangor University - WOOO! Myself on the other hand I had still not opened my results. It wasn’t that I didn’t care, I just knew that I didn’t need my results to get into any UNI as I don’t think I will be going. I eventually gave up and opened the email as I really wanted to see what I achieved in my Photography grade.

D for Geography, A for Film Studies and an A* for Photography - I was pretty happy with myself, my mum on the other hand was frustrated. First of all because I forgot to tell her for a few hours after I found out and also because both her and I knew I could have revised more for Geography. Despite this both of us were very pleased with my Photography grade - I had spent many hours after college sitting in a photography class room with music plugged in working away with my sketch books. Some of you reading this now may be thinking to yourself that Photography and Film are ‘doss’ subjects and a waste of time, but for me Photography is something that I am ridiculously keen about and am working hard to get to use it for my future career - so for me, I didn’t waste a single second working on my photography and Film A-Levels.

With the important bit of the day out of the way I spent the next 6 hours relaxing in the sun, writing this blog and editing my photographs. To celebrate, Kev took both of us out for an evening meal after picking up Elliot from nursery. The evening then concluded by us all watching Toy Story and then heading to bed. It was a surprisingly an exhausting day for doing nothing!