Day 17, Glencoe to Loch Lomond (15th August)

We only stayed one night in Glencoe before it was time to move onto another location. Our next location was down in Loch Lomond, quite a nice drive as it wasn’t too far – only an hour. With a stop on the way to eat the leftovers of our dinner from the previous night; homemade burgers made by Cath, we went on driving beside the Loch on its long windy road.

The moment we arrived in Loch Lomond, which was the next destination where we planned to stay, we instantly regretted not spending more time in Glencoe. You can’t change something when it has happened, and I really believe in trying not to regret anything but it is so very hard!  Any way, the reason why we thought we should have stayed longer was because where we drove to in Loch Lomond had a byelaw in which no one (not even in campervans) were allowed to camp on the East side of Loch Lomond, so you had to stay in a registered campsite. We looked for campsites but yet again, we got rejected from a few, one without any explanation – I just found it rude and upsetting.

With the lack of finding a campsite on the East coast of the Loch, we decided to drive a little further (in order to get outside of where the byelaw affected) to the Trossaches, to find a place where we could sleep on the side of the road, meaning free accommodation – this was a very big fail. We drove for over an hour to get to somewhere in which we thought we would be able to park up and sleep, but instead found roads which had no where in which a car could legally park – only bloody passing places. By this point we were both pretty shattered and gave in on the idea of sleeping on the side of the road.

As time went on I recalled a campsite we passed roughly 20 minutes back; we retraced our steps and only just found it after driving past it a few times. Not only were we accepted into the campsite, but after a look around we were very pleased that it had really nice showers – when I say ‘really nice’ the only thing that it had that made us happy was the amount of pegs that it offered, many campsites we’d been in before had only 2 pegs to hold all of the things you take to the showers (it is the small things in life which makes us happy!).