Day 16, Skye to Glencoe (14th August)

Today was the day we sadly left Skye, we woke from our surprisingly comfortable sleep in the cold van, packed up from our middle of nowhere camping spot and once again hit the road. Today was the day we headed for Glencoe – neither of us had been there before but I had heard good word about it being really picturesque with the towering mountains and the small log houses dotted around the area – ideal for photography.

We didn’t really want to leave Skye – this is exactly what we said after leaving every campsite we went to. Although Skye was something different, its pure beauty is just unique and the memories there hold something special to me, but you never truly know what you will find down the road so its good to keep going to explore new paths.

Three hours of shared driving later and a stop off to look around Fort William, we found ourselves in Glencoe being refused to enter some campsites due to our van being ‘unsuitable’ and not being a proper ‘campervan’ we eventually stumbled upon a campsite a few minutes drive from Glencoe called ‘Red Squirrel Campsite’. We were first unsure on whether we wanted to stay there because of the cost (it wasn’t expensive at all, it was just that we are people that like to save when we can!) but something drew us into staying there. I don’t know if it was the odd hand painted signs everywhere or the odd looking reception which looked like a passport control box – all that I can say is that I am deinfetly not going to judge a book by its cover again!

The campsite was amazing. From the trees to the man made swimming pool river it was definitely one of the best campsites I have ever been to. With trees being everywhere you looked it was great for us to relax in our hammocks, and after looking around we managed to find a river out the back of the campsite which a section of it had been dug out deeper so it was a swimming pool – genius! Within 30 minutes of being in the campsite we had to try the swimming pool so we got changed and went over. Whilst we were slowly… actually I should say ‘pathetically’ entering the water a young teenager came out of know where from behind us and started to talk to us. “Cold isn’t it! I’ve been in there the whole day!” We talked to him a bit and found out that his name was Cameron – as time went by talking about his Gaming YouTube channel he went off for a brief few minutes and then came back running over and dived into the pool. We had both spent 20 minutes getting in the water to waist height whilst Cameron just dove in… We looked really pathetic…

By the time we eventually got in we found it so cold we only stayed in for 5 minutes… the definition of wimps.