Day 14, Skye (12th August) –

If you were wondering from the Blog entry yesterday, we did finally find a campsite – it was a flooded one, but as we were in the van we managed to blag a place in the motorhome section of the campsite for no extra cost, which luckily for us was made of gravel so it didn’t flood. The great thing about this particular campsite was that it had many plugs which were free to use to charge various things – I was over the moon when I managed to grab four of the plugs – I know what you are all thinking, but I wasn’t being selfish as there were around eight other plugs that people were able to use but only three of them were in use – so it is was ok!

I did manage to charge a few things before they closed the previous night, but I went over there when they opened in the morning so that I could charge my other electronics like the laptop, portable power chargers, camera batteries and alike – it was a nice feeling that I could edit a few photos and write this blog to catch up over the past few days!

The rest of the day consisted of driving around nearly the whole of the Isle of Skye and failing to find a place to sleep – although a little stressful, it was a great day! We drove from where we were staying (just outside Portree) past the Old Man O’store and up through to the North of the Island – it was a lovely drive with what we could see (which was hardly anything due to the rain!).

After driving through the beautiful Uig Bay we decided we wanted to head onto Dunvegan – this meant that we had to head back down South towards Portree. Whilst driving South this is where me met our new friend, Kevin. We met Kevin at the side of the road when driving – he was hitchhiking and just managed to catch us as we nearly past him because he was covered by a road sign – we saw this flailing arm come out of know where so we stopped to see what was up. He explained to us that he missed a bus from his house to Portree, so he then attempted to cycle there (this would have taken him nearly a whole day) so he asked as we had a big enough van to get his bike in the back, if he could tag along with us. We said no and that was that… Just joking, we welcomed him with open arms and took him where he wanted to go.

After being made to feel like very good people we drove North back on track to Duvegan… I would love to say something along the lines of  “We got there with the weather looking beautiful and shining down on us. We parked up, went to a cute little café where we had tea and scones” – it was nothing of the sort. We arrived with the heavens pouring down on us (no sun in sight) and after driving around for a good 20 minutes, we found that there was next to nothing to do. I think the most exciting part of Dunvegan was using the public toilet that they had in the parking lot…

With it nearing almost 7 o’clock we just wanted to find somewhere where we could park up, cook and sleep. We did see a campsite when coming out of Dunvegan but we decided not to go there as we wanted to save money – we then drove on through the night to find a place to sleep at the side of the road…