Day 13, Ullapool to Portree, Skye (11th August)

During the early hours of the morning I woke up quite a few times – I am not very sure why but some part of me thinks it was due to the fact that I was a little worried about getting floated away in the torrential rain. I know exactly what you are thinking “how silly, that would never happen!” – well you are wrong!... Well not 100% wrong, I didn’t float away, but other things did!

When I woke up for the probably near the 15th time, I decided to check outside and see if my worries were true. Whilst still half asleep I struggled to pull the side door of the van open, but when I did I looked down to both of Cath’s flip flops floating like little sail boats in a very large puddle. When I say puddle, just try to imagine one that is over 4 metres in diameter – that is what we woke up to! Like the ninja I am, I grabbed my keys, opened the front door and swung like Tarzan to the drivers seat in order to drive us to a dryer part of the site. With one stall of the van (I am blaming that on the wheels getting stuck in the rain, not my bad handling of the van) we were just about out of the swamp we woke up to, and I drove us so that we were less than a few foot from the dry entrance of the toilet/showers. Thanks to my heroic actions of the morning, we managed to get ready and sort through the van with minimal rain attack.

So our quest continued – we were on the way to the magnificent Isle of Skye. Through drenched roads, winding turns and fogged up windows we made it at around 3 o’clock. Skye has always had a place in my heart. The reason for this is because when I was 16, me and one of my best friends went on a two week expedition walking to raise money for a Sensory room back in Cambridge. It was probably the most difficult two weeks I have ever been through, both mentally and physically but it still held such amazing memories. So this is the reason why even when I went over Skye Bridge I was super ecstatic that I was back on the Island.

At Cath’s annoyance (as I was driving) I took us to many places before we even managed to step out the car because I wanted to re-visit some of the places on the South side of the Island where I walked.  After taking Cath on an unwanted tour we drove to am East coatal town, Portree, to stock up on food for diner and look for a campsite to stay in for the night. All I wanted to do was go to a campsite which didn’t flood!