Day 12, John O’Groats to Ullapool (10th August)

Waking up to feel as if you are in an oven is never a good feeling – but unfortunately it was exactly what we had after our nights sleep in John O’Groats.  Despite saying this, after quite a number of days of rain and wind, it felt werdly pleasant to wake up feeling like a pie in the oven as this can only mean one thing – sun! So the good weather had come at last, sadly, unknown to us at the time of departure, we were going to step back once again into the shadows of rainy clouds as we headed (for our first time during the 12 days) down South, from John O’Groats to Ullapool.

The journey was as you are probably imagining – windscreen wipers being used at full pelt, music turned up so that you can actually hear it over the rain bashing the van and of course, driving on near to being flooded roads. Even with these poor conditions, our hopes were high (well as high as they could possibly be with the weather) as we were heading to the picturesque West coast town of Ullapool!

On arrival despite the wet weather, it was quite a site. After parking the van a few streets from Ullapool’s port we walked down to the peir to admire the beautiful mountains that surrounded us. Most people would associate wet weather with terrible views and cold feelings, but what we saw seemed as if it had been painted with the most detailed brush. The clouds looked as if they were made out of candyfloss (grey candyfloss), which covered the mysterious tops of the surrounding mountains. If I was to describe it in one word it would be pulchritudinous (big word for me to use I know!).

From having our eyes enlightened by the views that Ullapool had to offer, we headed back in the van down the road to our campsite…Well actually I shouldn’t call it a campsite, the words ‘swimming pool’ resembles it better!

Whilst Cath was cooking yet another scrumptious meal, I was battling with the weather to make some attempt to stop the rain from ruining our meal. Armed with two tarps, zip ties, pegs, rope and a bag of pasta (used as a weight not to eat) I am proud to say I bossed protecting our food station.

A few hours on we were in the van in bed listening to the soothing sound of the rain pattling on the roof. It was lovely listening to the rain when sleeping, apart from the worrying thought that the rain hadn’t stopped through the whole day meaning that there was a large possibility of waking up under water – even in the van!